Terms of Use

We are grateful that you chose APKTecX and the services it provides. APKTecX provides a variety of online and mobile services to its users. These include applications and games. APKTecX.com provides all services to its users. The following terms of use will apply to them. APKTecX users must agree to these terms when they use the services offered by APKTecX.

Note: APKTecX services refers to all services offered by APKTecX.com.

APKTecX offers a range of mobile and online services that users can access from any location. APKTecX allows users to download and install all apps and games. APKTecX’s Terms of Use grant its users permission to use the APKTecX.com services in a responsible manner. APKTecX.com does not grant users permission to use any APKTecX.com personal property, such as trademarks or logos, branding, and so forth.

APKTecX will update its terms and conditions regularly. APKTecX may also update its website to add or remove certain functions and features.

APKTecX Support Team can be contacted via email if there are any problems with the services or features.

Additional fees may apply depending on the mobile carrier. These actions are not our responsibility. For more information, contact your mobile operator.

Copyright for Content

APKTecX recognizes all intellectual property rights. All content submitted by users should be considered theirs and treated accordingly.

APKTecX will expose any user content that is posted about Services. APKTecX has the right to display and modify this content and to distribute it to its partners and members.

APKTecX will continue to comply with copyright laws and users may decide to delete their content.

APKTecX can remove, block or delete content that is found to be in violation of applicable laws. APKTecX cannot edit or manipulate the content. APKTecX Support Team can be contacted if any user believes their content rights were violated.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change.

APKTecX reserves the right to modify or update the Terms of Use in order to ensure that APKTecX Services comply with all applicable laws and are relevant and consistent.

APKTecX Services should not be accessed if you do not agree to these changes.