Zombie Hospital Tycoon APK v1.9.10 (Unlimited Money)

Zombie Hospital Tycoon is a challenging game where you have to keep your patients alive and well. With limited resources, you have to make tough choices and keep the hospital running smoothly. Can you handle the pressure? Download Zombie Hospital Tycoon now and find out!

Zombie Hospital Tycoon is a challenging game where you have to keep your patients alive and well. With limited resources, you have to make tough choices and keep the hospital running smoothly. Can you handle the pressure? Download Zombie Hospital Tycoon now and find out!

 Name Zombie Hospital Tycoon
 Compatible with Android 4.3+
 Last version 1.9.10
 Size 98.06 Mb
 MOD Unlimited money
 Category Simulation
 Developer Hot Siberians
 Price Free
 Google Play

About Zombie Hospital Tycoon APK

Zombie Hospital Tycoon APKLooking for an awesome zombie-themed hospital tycoon game for your Android device? Look no further than Zombie Hospital Tycoon! This game lets you build and manage your own hospital, treating patients with all kinds of zombified injuries. With great graphics and gameplay, Zombie Hospital Tycoon is a must-have for any fan of the genre! The zombie games have been in play for quite some time and they’re games are available to play now. The most well-known type of zombie game is to shoot at the most zombies you can. As time went by as time went by, people started searching for new ways to play zombie-themed games. A variety of original ones have been developed to date. The most entertaining ones among the latest games can be Zombie Hospital Tycoon, and it’s a simulator game that’s about getting rid of zombies!

The game’s your goal is to heal as many zombie patients you can while in charge of the hospital for zombies. Humanity has passed the stage of fighting zombies, and now they’re seeking to heal them as they’ve discovered the cure.

You’ll also be in charge of various medical procedures to treat zombies. Additionally, you’ll need to oversee several wards, recruit more personnel, and treat numerous zombies. Do you have the ability to heal the most zombies you are able to?

Zombie Hospital Tycoon MOD APK

Zombie Hospital Tycoon MOD APK is a game where you manage a hospital for zombies. It is a challenging and fun game that requires strategy and management skills. In this game, you need to keep the zombies healthy and happy while also making a profit. This can be a difficult task, but it is possible with the right strategy. The MOD APK gives you an advantage by providing unlimited money, which you can use to buy upgrades and improve your hospital. This can help you become the best zombie hospital tycoon in the game.

Zombie Hospital Tycoon MOD APK

This game is all about managing a hospital full of zombies! You will need to keep them fed, healthy and happy in order to succeed. This is a tycoon style game, so you will need to be strategic in your decisions in order to make the most money and keep your hospital running smoothly. The Zombie Hospital Tycoon MOD APK provides you with unlimited money to help you build the ultimate zombie hospital!

Download Zombie Hospital Tycoon APK MOD

Zombie Hospital Tycoon APK MOD is a game that will let you experience what it is like to be a hospital administrator during a zombie apocalypse. This game is set in a hospital that is overrun by zombies and it is your job to make sure that the hospital runs smoothly despite the chaos. You will need to manage the staff, patients, and resources of the hospital in order to keep it running. This game is sure to test your management skills as you try to keep the hospital running while also dealing with the zombie threat.

Zombie Hospital Tycoon Gameplay

The mythical creature known as the zombie is one that were first mentioned in folklore and were created by ancient people. They’re a kind of corpse that walks about with no thought other than to devour the brains of humans. While they’re not real, they’re terrifying, and they’re popular in many shows, movies and games.

There are plenty of pop-culture references about zombies over the years, and you can find many of the content that is on zombies. Today, you can attempt to get rid of creatures of the night in Zombie Hospital Tycoon instead of killing them!

Download Zombie Hospital Tycoon MOD APK

This is an original idle game, where the main objective is to save the world by treating the most zombies possible. You’re the head of the rehabilitation center where thousands of zombies come in every day for rehabilitation.

Then, you’ll need to manage various rooms, improve your facilities, recruit additional staff, and so on. Your goal is to eliminate the zombie virus, and heal every patient who comes to your facility.

In order to accomplish this, you’ll have to manage everything and complete numerous quests right now! Control your zombie hospital now and earn cash.

Zombie Hospital Tycoon Features

Zombie Hospital Tycoon is an Android game that allows you to build and manage your own hospital filled with zombies. The game features a variety of different zombies to choose from, each with their own unique abilities and strengths. You’ll need to carefully manage your hospital resources in order to keep your zombies healthy and happy. With a variety of different game modes to choose from, Zombie Hospital Tycoon is a great game for any Android gamer who loves a good challenge.

If you want to cure zombies, you can do so in Zombie Hospital Tycoon! Turn zombies back into humans now.

Cure Zombies

There are a myriad of zombie games, films and shows to enjoy. There is plenty of zombie-related content that we do not have to hunt for them because they appear automatically.

If you’re a fan of zombie games, then you’re welcome to play a variety of them you’ll download from the Google Play Store. If you’re looking for something new and different Try playing Zombie Hospital Tycoon! It is a game that allows you to cure zombies rather than shooting them!

In this place, you’ll run an establishment for rehabilitation of zombies in order to treat them for the illness. There will be a variety of patients suffering from different degrees of infection, which is the reason you’ll need be cautious. It is essential to observe the patient’s health as well as their mood and overall health throughout their stay.

Apart from that there are also new equipment, facilities, wards and recruit more staff to assist you! You’ll be the person to oversee everything here and everyone to ensure that the zombies return to being human.

Many zombies

There are a lot of zombies who have been sick in the world. Your task is to treat them and get them back into society as quickly as you can through your hospital. However, you’ll have to face many challenges since each zombie comes with different degrees of infection.

That means you’ll have to provide various levels of care to each zombie based on their specific needs. However, one thing is certain that you have to treat every single one of them to stay away from any form of aggression!

Personnel management

Part of running an entire hospital full of zombies is hiring various kinds of individuals. There will be a lot of employees needed to manage this facility. That’s why you’ll require all the assistance you can get.

You can find various people like paramedics, builders, scientists, janitors and more. Each of them is a different job that you’ll need to choose what you require currently. The decision of hiring is on you as you’ll have be able to give them particular amount of money, too.

Upgrade facilities

To get rid of zombies, you’ll require an effective facility to contain them. It is then necessary to unlock numerous areas, buy tables, beds, toilets, tables as well as ventilation and more. You’ll have to upgrade many facilities and equipment in order to get rid of zombies!


It’s not easy being a hospital tycoon, but Zombie Hospital Tycoon offers a unique twist on the classic hospital tycoon game. You have to keep your hospital well-stocked and your patients alive, but with a zombie apocalypse going on, you have to make sure you’ve got enough staff to take care of the sick. Download it now and find out if you can handle the pressure!

If you want to cure zombies, you’ll need Zombie Hospital Tycoon! Download it now and enjoy saving humanity.

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